Artic Silence – Installation of video art

The starting point for the works of the Artic Silence exhibition are keen observations on the everyday life of modern man. The artists Nico A. Eloranta and Mika Toivonen carried out the project in the autumn wilderness of Finnish Lapland, focusing on the fundamentals of filming far from city noise. Everyday life is all around us; there is no escaping it even in the most remote, secluded places. Everyday life consists of commonplace emotions and actions which are not bound to one specific location. These day-to-day experiences vary greatly from one person to another.

Through Artic Silence the artists focus our attention on mundane matters and emotions, the cycle and continuity of life. They wish to unveil the beauty, importance and timelessness of everyday moments and to celebrate the happiness that can be found within ourselves, and through day-to-day experiences. Joy and beauty are constantly present, even though everyday life can occasionally weigh us down.

This installation comprises six video works which are bound together by a common world of experience, and by melancholy and the beautifully barren and still nature of Northern Lapland intertwined by a common musical landscape. The music has been composed and played by Dutch musician Skoulaman. His composition Artic Silence draws the viewer into a dreamlike atmosphere, creating the illusion of a parallel reality.