Crying currents

One teardrop. Another. Emotions turn into currents which nothing can stop. Moments become creeks and a spectrum of emotions swell into a storm. Am I alone? Can anyone hear me? Where will this current take me, will I ever be able to rise from its depths?


Life in a bubble

Is life just one great bubble? Is our journey without aim? Are we driven by greater forces or do we have the power to change direction? To make our journey our own?


Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are part of everyday living. Our lives are under surveillance, do we have any privacy? Can we still find a place of unrestricted peace? A place with no cameras. Look, someone is watching over you now – or is it all in your imagination? Restlessness.


Everyday journey

We live our lives, day-to-day. We cultivate the future. Day in, day out life is what you make of it, even though it isn’t always what you wish. Look at your everyday life. Is it how you want it to be? Think.


Life is but a walking shadow

Why are we always in pursuit of wealth, power, status, fame…? When we’ve reached our goals we lose interest in them, and we start it all over again. It’s never enough. Is this in the human nature…


Self-healing voodoo

Can we escape our troubles into solitude? Emotions feel like a thousand needles. A better future can be created only after we have processed all agonizing thoughts. Only then the journey can continue.

The individual videos are from 4 to 8 minutes long.